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See him?


That's Ralph looking for another Meadview nugget.

I have a few 13" Super Trommel Plans left.


also some EB drywasher plans


email me at

Ok the holidays are over.

It's time to make those reservations again.


This RV park has it all and is prospector friendly.

Call or drive in and talk to David, he'll fix you up.

The wives will be happier in nice cabins or RV camping

with full hook ups.

Lots of ATV trails to explore.

Most are here to drywash the local club claims.

This was my friend Mel using his homemade drywasher.

Mel was a local and knew were all the good spots were.


Here Don is getting serious working his drywasher.

He uses the mixer to break up the dirt clods.

There's even some wet washing going on.

I enjoy looking for that next nugget.

Better hurry and make those reservations now

It's starting to warm up again.

Don't wait too long!

See ya there.

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We should all be so lucky!

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The Places


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The Things

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Sluice Combo with Plans)

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