24 K Club at Rich Hill, AZ

This club is based near Stanton or at Rich Hill , Arizona.
This is the sign on the road on the back side of Rich Hill.

You go just past Weaver Cemetery to get to the 24 K sign.
In the background is Rich Hill, famous for all those potato
sized nuggets found lying all over it.

Approaching from the road this is what you'll see the club and pushes.

Here Ralph is detecting one of the pushes. They do 3 or 4 of the
pushes and on a given day at a given time let all members enter
them all at once.

I understand a few large and lots of smaller nugget came from
these recent pushes. Ralph got his share as he spends the
winter here.

Besides detecting you can high bank or dry wash the properties.
Here Joe and Dave are working their small claim.

They said they've been getting good gold and I believe it from the
looks of that tailing pile they have going.

Just around the corner from Joe and Dave, Alan is digging some
more dirt to high bank with at his claim. They have a well
nearby for their water source.

Thanks to all the members that let me photograph them on my trip.

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