Amasa Valley Utah Trip

                    Amasa Valley is one of the Utah Gold Prospectors Club claims located
                      approx. 35 miles west of Delta, Utah in the House Mountain Range.

                                                         The gravel roads that take you to the mountain top valley are
                                                pretty good till you get to the last couple miles. Then its all up
                                                hill  the last mile is very steep with a switch back in soft gravel.
                                                We chose to stop 2 miles short at a nice pull off, camp and ATV
                                                back and forth. There are a couple places in this area to do this.

                                                               Headed up that last 1 mile of steep grade, that wasn't as
                                                   bad as the steep sharp turn back in the distance. Probably
                                                   its no problem for a 4 wheel drive car or truck but mine
                                                   is 2 wheel. I didn't want to chance it, being able to camp
                                                   so close.

                                                      This is at the top going over into the Amasa Valley.

                                                          The valley from another higher view point.
                                                          There are several ponds and mining prospects
                                                          down in the valley. In the distance is a large
                                                          generator building for running equipment of
                                                          long ago. There are a few miners cabins in and
                                                          around the valley long since abandon.

                                                       There are some interesting rock formations up here.
                                                    Its a very pretty place with lots of ATV trails everywhere.

                                                                     One creek even had a little bit of water running
                                                        and this is late August.

                                                         Took my small bat powered trommel just in case
                                                            we ran across some water like this.

                                                       I ran the trommel in this particular area where others had
                                                       worked before. All in all I only got 4-5 specks of gold, I
                                                       don't know if this is normal for up here. So I also pulled
                                                       4 other screened bucket loads from different places in the
                                                       valley, hoping to find a better spot to move dirt. We took
                                                       them back to camp and ran them  in the new bird house
                                                       recirculator and came up with nothing.  I'm sure there is
                                                       gold to be found here but I just didn't find it this trip. I do
                                                       plan to return and try again. If anyone has experience in
                                                       this valley I would like to hear from you.

                                                        So after 2 days in the Amasa Valley we moved on
                                                     down the road to Topaz Mountain to rock hound a little.

                                                                                      Topaz Mountain

                                                 We did find some Topaz Crystals here and also Apache Tears
                                              just down the road a little.. another successful adventure completed.

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