ARGG Project

On a recent trip to Colorado to the Arkansas River I determined the need for a new

highbanker. The gold is plentyfull here but fine and most highbankers are

designed for larger gold recovery.

So someting like a beach box is desirable to recover the fine gold.

A large wide platform or sluice with slower water to let the fines drop out and hold.

While building the small version I decided to build a larger model to move lots more

material. Moving more material means lots more gold in the end. We had found

a place where there was easy digging and good gold, a prospectors dream.


Here is the big one with the grizzly installed. It is a 1/8 inch by 3/8 inch size

to let the small gold screen through. That's sheet metal at the back to

let the material slide easily. I'm hoping to be able to throw material

at it, the little stuff falls in and the big stuff falls on down the front.

No water in this screening process.

Here's the sluice 2 x 3 ft and has deep groove rubber mat to catch  the gold.

I gave it a couple holes in front legs for in field adjustment.

The highbanker or beach box will fold up very compactly for transportation.

Just remove the two bolts with wingnuts on the forward end of sluice.



to be continued............