Arizona Push

On a recent trip to Arizona I met Jess a local miner/prospector, he invited me
up to a push he was workng. He was pus
hing dirt and detecting.

While there I got to witness a couple nuggets come out of the ground. The area
is well known for a gold belt that runs through it.

This has got to be the ultimate Au high  pushing and detecting then push and
detect some more.

Here's a small nugget he recovered.

Then a larger one!

These also came from his property.

The large one is over 4 ounces but thats small compared to the other nugget he
found. You may remember it on the cover of most prospecting magazines
a few years back the Tounge Nugget. It weighed in at over 24 ounces!

Update for AZ push.

Jess recently found the 1 ouncer to the right and everyone said look it apears to be broken from

another piece. Then a few days later Jess is moving dirt about 10 foot away and gets a strong

signal with his Minelab. A 6 ouncer pops out of the ground it's the missing half.

Total 7 ounces of golden AU high.

Thanks Jess for the photos and good luck prospecting.

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