California Drywasher

Here's another fine looking plans built drywasher. This unit was
built by Bruce Schultz in Landcaster, California.

Notice all the brass hardware Bruce used and the nice stain job
as well. He said he mines in the old town of Garlock in the
Ransburg CA  gold district.

He seemed to be pleased with it, I'll let him tell it..... 

 I just wanted to
 say thank you, for a great set of plans, attached are some photos. Yes
I'm very proud of it and it works great. It found and recovered gold so
small its unbelievable that it didn't get blown right through the riffles.
 I have found that it vibrates and shakes enough on its own.  I ran the
same sample through 3 times, emptying the riffles after each run.
When I panned it all out I only recovered gold in the material that
was from the first run, I call that efficient, thanx again.

Thanks Bruce for sharing photos of your project and the nice email,
 we wish you the best of luck prospecting.

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