Burnt River LDMA Camp

About 20 miles east of Baker City, Oregon.

This is Club House Burnt River LDMA camp.

Couple of prospectors highbanking some gravels.

     Gold Gal across the river mossing around.

   Only gold we saw was at the Baker City bank.

 A cave near camp with arrowhead chips out front.

  Nothing like an unexpected cattle drive in camp.

    This was our first trip to Burnt River, Oregon but it will not be our last. We had fun exploring the
    hills and creeks in this beautiful ATV friendly area. The gold we got was not much to speak of,
    it is there but we got very little. There are some GPAA claims nearby that look interesting and we
    hope to try them next time.  There is so much to see and do in this area and we had only so much
    time, this whole area is rich, rich, rich in mining history.

Sam Radding Drywasher becomes a Highbanker


Here Bill France is using a Drywasher converted now to Highbanker.

  This guy comes up with the greatest ideas and with little or no effort
  turns them into reality. Great job Bill.

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