Cache Creek, Colorado


We've just returned from one of our favorite places to prospect.


Cache Creek is above and west of the small town of Granite, Colorado.

Granite is halfway between Buena Vista and Leadville.

The campers or motorhomes in the distance are as about as far as

you would want to take them on this road. Farther down the road gets

smaller and there's no where to turn a trailer or motorhome around.

Those powerlines bring back memories from a previous trip!

This is the parking lot, it's usually packed with cars and trucks.

No room for trailers or motorhomes here.

I find Ziggy and Jeff, two hard working miners from Missouri that got

their fair share of gold at Cache Creek. More on these two later.

Great job guys!


Travis from New Mexico at Cache Creek checking for color from a new hole.

His partner Dennis from Oklahoma is getting some more good material

to check.

Dennis and JD taking a rest from digging.

Just up the hill Lynn and Ed are filling their buckets prior to a run.

Here Chris and Bernie are working their claims.

They take turns at the sluice box. This small water way is a diversion off

the real Cache Creek bringing water closer to the parking lot.

The real Cache Creek is a few hundred yards away and not

much larger than this dirversion when I checked.

Chris showed me some of his take for the trip.

Fun place to work, lots of material close to water and has gold.

A family from Colorado Springs out for adventure.

Up from my claim another prospector.

He's working on cleaning up the sluice.

Elfi from Vail Colorado trying her hand at panning.

John from Vail running material through his sluice.

My small highbanker is able to be broken down and used as a simple sluice.

Some of that pretty Cache Creek gold.


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