Cache Creek



Here's John working his claim.

He's getting buckets of material ready to run.

It's hard work being a gold miner.

Up the hill another crew of 4 are working together moving lots of material.

They have a unique operation like I've never seen before. They are taking 20 min

shifts digging and transfering the material by 4 inch plastic pipe to the

highbankers below. This keeps the water farther away

 from their deep hole.

Notice all the cleanouts for keeping a plug up moving. I belive this is Larry

looking over his operation.

A little tweak here and there before they start.

The business end of the pipe, here they have a highbanker being fed by the white pipe.

Notice the sluice after the highbanker, they don't want to loose any gold.

Just below Larry is Nolan from Oklahoma setting up his highbanker.

He and Mark from Texas are trying to get their fair share of gold.

Just below is Ron and Karen looking for a hot spot to pull material from.

They are quick checking the dirt with sluice and pan, when they find that

good spot they want to move in closer with their highbanker.

Up and over the hill Anothny and Ozzie from California are trying their luck.

Back down at the creek this old timer is running his dirt.


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