Cleaning your Gold Nuggets

In some parts of the desert this is how your nuggets will come out of
the ground, dirty with no hint of gold. You may not even recognize
 them as such until you brush them hard on your pants. Then
 you may see a glint of gold peeking through the edges.

This time I tried some CLR on them to see how it works. This cleaner
isn't as dangerous as the Muriatic Acid I've use before and I wanted to
compare it to Lime-A-Way.

Well it works, maybe not as fast as Muriatic acid, these took about
30 minutes to clean.  They look great and it wasn't as dangerous
doing it as the other acid. Muriatic will burn your skin if you get
it on you, CLR didn't seem to bother me when I did. I'd still
 recommend eye protection no matter what cleaner used. 
Lime-A-Way seems a little slower than CLR but
works well too.

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