she was known around here as

The Brown and Black

 The beginning of a great 11 year relationship.

Right from the beginning she was my buddy.

She was always first in line to go on my prospecting
 adventures. She could tell when I was getting my metal
detector out and packing up some food we're heading
out soon.

My little prospecting partner under cover from
the rain.

She wanted to be out there exploring rain or shine
she got better at sniffing out those nuggets.

Here we found a 2 pennyweight nugget.

Now sniffing the gold in Mel's gold pan.

A one track mind she had.
Every opportunity she was a hunting.

She tended to get distracted by quail,
lizards and rabbits. My little Brown and Black
proved to be the best color I ever found.

May 2003 - December 2014

RIP little girl.

If your pet is nearing the end please watch this.

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