Historic Mono Diggings

 north of

Mono Lake, CA

Elevation 8000 ft.


This is Dan Corless gathering material to process for its gold at the
Historic Mono Diggings
at Mono Lake, CA.

Here Dan is using one of my smaller battery powered drywashers at the Mono Diggings in California.
This was the small Z-28 drywasher I built to operate faster and vibrate more to aid in recovering fine
gold.  Dan bought it from me and has been using it this past year.

His tools in the back ground are the
McLeod Fire tool (the rake).   He says his fire rake moves more soil,  cuts through tough roots, and
has these tall teeth like tines that will break up the most rock strewn soil with ease.   He claims it's like
having a small bulldozer in your hands.  The blade will disconnect from the handle through a large bolt,
this feature allows for compact carry in a tool box. Note the old pans and screen pan he's using. He likes
to use historic gold pans to bring back a feeling of the Gold Rush era.

Here Dan is putting those old pans to work. Notice all the tailing piles in the background,
he says there are hundreds of them scattered throughout the sage brush.  These are the
"Real Mono Diggings of 1857 fame".

This is a nice photo of his screening box and tub operation. Gosh, maybe soon

I can be out there moving some dirt with you...maybe later this year!

Thanks Dan for the photos and good luck.




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