Dennis O'Neill's Property

Dennis has gold bearing ground 20 miles north of Buena Vista or 3 miles north
of Granite, Colorado. He will let prospectors work the ground for a small fee.
It's on the highway with easy access.

This is the intersection leading west to Aspen.  It is located between Leadville and Buena Vista.
If you continue north 200 yards towards Leadville you cross Lake Creek and you will have
arrived at the property.  Dennis has property on both sides of the highway, on the right side is
a railroad track and the Arkansas River. First, you must see Dennis and get permission to work
his property. Turn at this intersection on Hwy 82 towards Aspen and go about a mile and his
real-estate office is on the right.

The road to his office, continue for about a block.


This is his office, get permission, pay a small fee, and head back down to the river.

A sign posted at the property showing his fees.

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