Dennis O Neil's


This is one of the best deals in Colorado.  It's all
private property and the price to camp and
prospect are set low.

Dennis O'Neil has set aside some property for us
to play on, here are the rates.  Just drop the payment
in his mailbox or slip inside his front door screen.

This property is located about 20 miles north of
Buena Vista, CO at the Aspen turn off. Dennis
lives about 1/2 mile towards Aspen on the right.
See my other link on Dennis for more info.

I got in a little placer mining next to the Arkansas
 River with my gas powered trommel. If you want
to see it in action click here.

Note those new sexy wheels, they don't require air
and never go flat. See those rocks to the upper left
they are my counting rocks.

That's how I keep track of the buckets of dirt I run.
I move em from below to the top and after 10 I do
a little clean up for a test.

My prospecting partner keeping an eye on me.

Here's some of my trommel gold. It's real fine here
and you have to slow down the water flow and feed
 the material a bit slower.  If the waters to fast and you
lose it out the sluice.
It's hard not to find gold
on this property.
On this trip I came up with
   some new ideas for my equipment, I can't
wait to implement them.

Thanks Dennis!

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