Desert High Banking
Most prospectors don't bother to high bank the desert because of water requirements.
Here Bob, Dan and Sid do it their way.
They built a complete highbanker system on a trailer.
The trailer has a water tank, pump, sluice, two holding tanks (to filter out the mud)
and a unique way of removing the sluice tailings. Here Dan feeds the
hopper and Sid looks on and removes the tailings.
The sluice water goes into the first tank, solids settle out and the water
overflows into the next tank. The pump then pulls water
and sends it back to the sluice.
Notice the muddy water. This is the problem with desert high banking.
Muddy water has lots of silt/fine dirt in it and
quickly your water turns into mud.
This is a shot of the sluice tailings removal method they came up with.
Water and tailings flow off into the screen, water goes
through and small tailings are raked off to the ground.
This system has been well thought out and
works for them.

No prospecting operation is complete without supervisors.
Watching their every move, Corky and Misty
keep a close eye on them. Good luck guys
and find lots of gold.
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