Drywash Dave

On a recent trip to the Arizona desert I ran across a prospector
that was doing some wet washing or highbanking.

He goes by the name Drywash Dave. He said he mostly does
the drywashing thing but now he is shifting to wet washing.

Wet washing is more efficient and if you have a way to haul
water sometimes it's the best way to recover gold.

So he's come up with a system that works for him but he's going
to be mounting all this equipment soon on a trailer. That way
he can pull up and get down to business of recovering
gold right away.

Here is how he transports his water.

Dave said if anyone wants to go out with him and learn
how to prospect he'll teach them for a small fee.
Drywashing, highbanking and they can keep all
the gold they find. Send him an

email if your interested.

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