Western Colorado Prospecting

This is a photo of western Colorado below Grand Junction.

It's a little hotter and dryer than what most think of when
they think Colorado but beautiful none the less.

Jack a local claim owner invited me to his claim. It's located on a
high bench on the inside curve of a well known
 Colorado river.

He has been working this for a while now and taking lots of
fine gold from these old gravels.

He is an ex-Marine and very proud of it, notice his hat. Here he's
working a Gold Buddy drywasher with screen thrown over it
to further classify the material.

  Coco got a little wild chasing lizards and I was afraid she
might run off the ledge and get hurt. So here she is
 tethered to a bush for my peace of mind.

Jack doing a small run and clean up just to show me what
the gold looks like.

He further prescreens for panning to get the most gold
from each size of material.

No water up here, it all has to be packed up to the bench.

Here's some of the fine gold he's getting, not bad for
 just a short run of material.

I wondered why when I met him he asked me if I was nocturnal.
He prefers to work at night during the summer as it gets pretty
hot here in the day.

This really is a good way to work a hot area, do it at night. The
lantern puts out plenty of light and its cool and pleasant. Turn
down the light and the stars are magnificent.

Panning by lantern light, who would of thought, its such a great way
to enjoy the outdoors and life. Thanks Jack for inviting me to your
Colorado claim and good luck prospecting.

Semper Fi


Always Faithful

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