Metal Detecting with E.B.

 In April 2004 the Gold Gal and I are again near Stanton  AZ. I had the lucky
to meet a fellow prospector that goes by the name of EB and his
wife Lynda.
EB is a very successful detectorist and uses a Minelab SD2100
with a 14 in.
mono coil, here is our story.

EB ATV ing out to a likely spot near Rich Hill AZ.

He looks for lots of quartz rocks, red dirt, and this plant
we call the Gold Weed.

This metal detecting isn't all glamorous and easy as some TV
would try and make you believe, its a lot of hard work.

EB says you got to cover a lot of ground very carefully
and spend
some time at it, the nuggets are out there.

Here I am digging another chunk of lead or maybe it was a nail.

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