El Dorado


El Dorado (Spanish for "the golden one") is the name of a Muisca tribal chief who

 covered himself with gold dust and, as an initiation rite, dove into the lake Guatavita.


 Steve Wandt known as  El Dorado  on the forums has been a prospector for the past

25 years. He has done it all but nowdays mostly beeps with his Minelab and pursues

 his passion, making jewelry. He recently attended the California Institute of Jewelry

 Training, Jewelry Arts program. He loves turning ordinary gold dust, gold

bullion and nuggets into one of a kind creations in his studio. When he isn't

prospecting he's probably slabbing, cabbing and casting gold.

I'm certain he's covered in gold dust at times ;-)

 His small company is called

Natural Gold Jewelry.


 A specimen sent to Steve from a fellow prospector to be turned into a pendant.

 Here he has cut the rock into slabs and then shaped them into oval cabochons.

Next they are mounted in silver or gold bezels.

 Here's a big gold specimen sent to him from Gus in Idaho. Gus wanted it

slabed into sections for selling purposes. 

 Here are the slabs, these can be polished and put on display as they are or

turned into the beautiful creations shown below. 

 Pendant from gold nuggets and specimen slab made into a cabochon. 

More Pendants Here.


 Steve enjoys making these Saturday Night Poker Rings. 

Lucky Lundy is the proud owner of this one.

 Such a beautiful ring! 

And look at these!

 A wedding ring set maybe? 


 Just another Poker Ring not, Steve creates one for Mark. 


And yet another for Steve himself.

 This was the reason I wanted to do this link on Steve, everywhere I go I get asked

who can put a bail on nuggets.  Now this seems dull compared to

Steves other works.


El Dorado at work on some nuggets in his studio. 

  If you want gold work done give Steve a call 530-320-3096

 or email him you won't be disapointed.

Thanks Steve for letting me do this link about you.

Natural Gold Jewelry Website


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