Ernie Says .... it's simply textbook.


(following the drywashers works)

How many times have you read to check those old drywasher tailing piles for gold?
Here Ernie finds a nice nugget in a coarse tailing pile that's been gone over
 by myself and many others.

Just 5 feet from where he found his nugget I'd dug two 9mm aluminum bullet
cases about 6 months prior. I guess that and a couple of large pieces of steel
in that coarse tailing pile turned me off detecting it. Sometimes you're at
a disadvantage using large coils and just don't realize it.

Ernie tried his luck in that tailing pile, with a smaller coil he could get in closer
 to some of that buried steel and bingo. He said it was a weak signal but not
 that hard to hear, just simple textbook finding this one.

Nice nugget Ernie and maybe I should read Nugget Hunting 101 again.
This whole episode repeated itself about 50 yards away in another
tailing pile.  Maybe I should slow down some and switch coils
more often, it seems to pay.

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