An ounce of protection is worth?


For being the worlds best and most expensive detector Minelab doesn't include a cover for it.

So I purchased a new cover for my new GPX5000 on Ebay and it's the best cover made!

I've tried various covers on my old GP3000 over the years most are ok

but this one is


It's a custom cover made by Eureka Works in Las Vegas. They even put a small

pocket in the top bottom for my small battery system.

Thanks Bob!

The battery just slips in from the top and stays put.

It's avaliable on Ebay or you can go to the EUREKA website.

It has a large pocket on the side for whatever you want to store.

In my case I'll slip an extra 6 oz battery in it if I'm hiking afar.

He offers 3 color patterns, I highly recomend this cover

for your Minelab.

Thanks Bob!

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