Frisco, Utah

Frisco Peak area and silver mine just 17 miles west of Milford, Utah.
In the 1880's this was an active mining community
 of around 4,000 people.

That was until 1885 when an earthquake shook and the
 mine collapsed, here is the area of the cave in. They say it
happened durning a shift change and no one was killed.

A close up of the cave in, notice the timbers still in place.

Another exposed mine shaft in the area of the cave in.

Another audit halfway up the hill.

Here are the Beehive kilns that made fuel for smelting the
silver ore.

Higher up the hill is the derrick with cables and pulleys that ran
the miners and ore in and out of the mine.

Some ore chutes just below the derrick area.

An old cabin still standing, if only the walls could talk.

The mine area has a fenced off cemetery with lots of graves.
Many of the headstones are for babies of one and two years old.

Must of been a hard life for most and a short one for some.
Enjoy the journey.

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