Prospecting with Geno  

AKA Guido on the forums


My friend Geno and I got together for a little

 detecting this weekend.

Here he's showing off his very nice Minelab SD2200.

He has a tricked out SD, notice the carbon fiber upper shaft,

no metal near the coil means more sensitivity and more gold.

Notice that nice platform (his creation) for his  audio booster

 and a Bill  and  Linda's  battery system.  Audio boosters bring

up the weak signals so you notice them and the battery system

need I say more :-)   (the lightest available) . What you can't

 see is his other mod, a green button for ground balancing.

Geno adapted a modern  Minelab button handle  to his 

SD2200, with plugin just like the real ones.

Very clever!

Here Coco is doing her best to help him add another

 1+ ouncer to his poke.

They're still some nice nuggets left, you just have to

get out and cover the ground. We prove that with

each trip to the goldfields.

And there's an awful lot of ground to cover, the nuggets

can be hiding anywhere.

But as long as there's a target to check out, there's got to

be gold somewhere.


Heading in after a evening hunt, great weather, good

friends and looking to put gold in the poke.

Does it get any better?


Thanks Geno and the best of luck to you!


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