Glory Hole - Stanton AZ



The road into the Stanton, AZ LDMA camp with Rich Hill in the background. 


Just below the camp in Antelope Creek Larry and a partner both LDMA members are

 digging a large hole to bedrock. Take a look at those boulders they removed!

Here Larry is standing in the hole.


The ground is hard as concrete and it's slow going. Working out these

large boulders and then getting them up out of the hole isn't easy.


Where's the help when you need it?


Larry digs a while, runs his material through his wet washer and then detects.

Here he's running some of that good gold bearing dirt.

That's a lot of material they have dug out over the past couple weeks.


But the rewards can be good when your digging new ground no one else has. 

Besides fine gold and pickers he's found a nice nugget or two.

Thanks Larry for the photos and

good luck!


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