Basin Mine


On my latest trip to Colorado I had to visit one of my favorite
prospecting destinations the  Gold Basin Mine.
It's off the road above the town of Granite about 8 miles up in
the mountains.

The elevation here is about 12,200 ft MSL and you can certainly
tell the air is thin with less oxygen. Here is the store were you
can rent sluices, pans, etc or buy a shirt or hat.

The day I was there a local GPAA club came out to prospect.

They were running buckets of dirt through sluices and getting
some good gold.

Here Sherry and Skip are working the gravels.

Sherry's got one of those new limited edition pink trinity pans.

Skip prefers to use the ole standard green pan.

Not bad Skip for the few buckets you ran.

The gravels from this hole had good gold, they also found a nice
1/2 ounce nugget in this area.

Here Dick shows off that nugget.

I parked a couple miles back down the hill from the mine as the
road was bad. I didn't want to topple my camper off the truck
getting here. Any normal unloaded truck or even car could of
made it here though. Here I'm using my ATV to bring up my
gas trommel.

I set up and played gold miner for a couple hours like the big boys.

Speaking of big boys here's the real operation in operation.

Here Mark is running some gravels through the wash plant and sluice.

Mark is a happy prospector, he must be getting some good gold.

Here's the business end of the sluice.

We had a great time up at this mine and hope the new owners do
 well and find lots of gold.  Thanks guys for alowing us small
prospectors to play on your property and get a little gold.

We'll be back soon.

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