Gold Basin, AZ


One of our favorite prospecting states!

Gold Basin in NW AZ is off Hwy 93 about 22 miles, turn left go 7 miles and

 your there. There's lots of club and private gold claims in this area.

Do your research!

This is the Gold Basin goldfield north of Kingman AZ about 50 miles.

We've been coming here to the GSSNMPA and GPAA claims

for the last 13 years looking for and finding gold.

Notice the GSSN claim marker.

The area has a refueling station for choppers giving tourists rides to 

the Grand Canyon, it's a very busy place. This is on the way

up to the GPAA claims.

My rig and Coco exploring the desert notice the claim marker in the distance.

This area is famous for the gold nuggets, fine gold and metorites.

An area roughly 4 miles by 6 miles.

This is Gary from Montana with his find for the day, he found it on

 the GPAA claims.

A nice 3 gram gold nugget.

Up at the GPAA campground Bob is testing some dirt.

He's found a good area to work with his drywasher.

Further over on the GPAA claims we find Peter and Miner Ed

 busting false bedrock.

They're testing the dirt with a small blower drywasher.

On the other side of Gold Basin.

This family is working the GSSN claims on the south side.

They found a nice pay streak and use the big

Keene 151 drywasher to  work it.

Just down the wash is Anthony with his Keene151.

He's looking for another paystreak that's talked about in this area.

Persistence and perseverance describes Terry

Further south across the road is Terry using his Gold Buddy drywasher.

Terry is a real work horse, a retired Marine turned prospector.

He works whole washes by himself and think's nothing

of it. It's his way of staying in shape and making

money. He gets his share of the gold through

persistence and perseverance.

A New Puffer?

You don't need the latest greatest equipment to get gold.

This is Harry's rig, it's been around producing gold

a long, long, time. He recently upgraded it

from handcrank to a motor

and battery power.

 And in between,

 I ran across Richard and Kathy running their Fritz drywasher.

They are new to this and just getting going with it.

Notice their panning table to check

the dirt for gold.

Coco got to meet their pup Gizmo.

Giz let us know we were claim jumping.

What a cutie.


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