Colorado's Gold Basin Mine


Is this history now?

No small prospectors welcome now?

I revisited the Gold Basin mine up above Granite, Colorado this summer.

This was a neat place for panning and highbanking for gold.

The trail up is 7-8 miles or so and there's a lot of mining history to see.

Getting close to the mine, here your approching 12,000 feet.

Now you can see it off in the distance.

This time the gate was open but signs up everywhere saying stay out.

Also signs saying the mine is for sale.

I took this photo of the current mining they are doing near the gate.

Before it was up and behind the buildings higher up the valley. Only after

returning home did I see the following (below) in the above photo.

More signs saying Keep Out


Survivors Will Be Prosecuted.

Note the 3 graves.

Times have changed!

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