Gold Springs cont.

There is much evidence of a lot of mining at one time.  They say there
was a 100 ton per day stamp mill for crushing the ore here at one time.
This place is loaded with ATV trails going to mineshafts, tunnels, cabins, etc.

These boilers and steam engines must of moved a lot of gold bearing
rock out of the gound at one time.

I went there with the intention of metal detecting but quickly gave that
up in favor of running my small battery trommel for a while. I got gold
but not enough to make it worthwhile. Metal detecting was much worse
because this place is loaded with nails, rusting cans, etc everywhere.

This was one of the larger standing cabins to see. Must of been the
home for the mine officals at one time. Although I didn't find much
gold this trip it was fun and I had a wonderful time exploring the hills.
It's rich in history and a ATV riders dream for that and its trails.