May GSSN Outing

Mile Marker 34 1/2 Pierce Ferry Road, Meadview AZ

Gold Searchers of Southern Nevada May Outing.

That's one thing I like about the GSSN everything is well marked, claims,

events, etc. I like the Flag too!

A gathering of like minded people looking to find a little gold. This is on

BLM road 142 just below the Climax Mine and about 1/4 mile off

Pierce Ferry Rd.

Lots of various gold getting equipment to try out.

Leslie and Tony running a sprial wheel.

David and Brock drywashing.

David is in charge of the hopper.

Just down the wash John is checking out a new spot with his drywasher.

It takes a lot of sampling to find a good gold bearing area.

Mike and Mike using a Vac Pac cleaning the gold off bedrock.

Me detecting a nearby wash.

Mike looking for a nugget with his Minelab 705.

Coco overseeing the whole outing.

On a nearby hill I find Jason and Joseph under cover sampling the claim

with a sprial wheel. Note the Meadview RV Park in the background

it's right across the highway from the claim. More than a few

members stayed at this prospector friendly RV Park.

In another wash I find Tony jack hammering the hard top soil away in

preparation for drywashing.

Notice his half bucket with holes for ataching his blower on to keep out the dirt

and rock when running.

Near Tony's workings I find Marcel and John a puffing away. Marcel has one

of Fritz Clemmings puffers and John has a Keene puffer.

They are working their way up a old pay streak that Mac and Jan

 worked this winter.

Back at camp we have another crew taking it easy before starting

 the brunch menu. All in all it looked like everyone had a

 real good time and found some gold.


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