part 2

Gold Nugget # 2

(not pure gold either, but close)

A little smaller than the last one.

About to get hammered. 

Close up.

Wacked a couple times now.

This makes the soft gold hard or work hardened when it's been wacked

My Gold Gal heating it up cherry red to anneal it.

She's been working with gold, silver, copper, brass a few years now.

In and out of the quench bowl and now soft again.

Hammered again.


Annealed again.





Annealing after another hammer job.

Last hammer job for this 2nd nugget.

The gold has spread out larger than nugget 1 but spliting up, very thin at .002 inch.

Shows .003 but if I run it up tight it stops at .002

A piece falls off the pattern.

Still the original weight of .6 DWT


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