Can You Handle It?


Getting gold involves moving a lot of dirt, digging holes, filling

buckets, maybe screening and then getting them to the washer. 

Sometimes we can simply shovel from the ground around us.

Other times we have to bring it in by buckets and if your running

two drywashers, lots of buckets. ;-) They can be very heavy

and I always say I'll just fill it half way but that

seldom happens.

A friend of mine let me know of a bucket enhancement that makes

life much easier, a larger handle to hold on to.


Get rid of that little tiny handle that digs into your hand.

 And replace it with a new bright orange Snappy Grip.

 Just bust off the little old one.

 Get the new halfs ready.

 Hold them in proper allignment and squeeze untill they click.

 What a difference it makes!

Buckets are so easy to handle.

Available at most prospecting stores.



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