How To

Often I get asked how do I attach my battery to the Minelab.

Couple ways to do this, one get one of Bobs nice covers with outside pocket

from Eureka Workz.

The side pocket can hold any size lipo battery for safe keeping.

Or another option.

Get a Arizona Outback cover and sew in a bottom pocket.

I take the cover to a shoe or saddle shop and have them sew

 in a little pocket to slide the battery into. This cost me $2.00.

I still use a small velcro to lock it in place or you can velcro

it to the side or bottom of the machine or cover. The large

 10,000mah battery is best velcroed to the side of

the box or you could have a larger pocket

 sewn into the inside side of the cover.


UPDATE.....Chris has the outside pocket on his covers now!

Never been easier with so many options.


Chris sells these nice Minelab covers.


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