In Memory of Jim Williams


I didn't know Jim Williams but he must of been a good man.
Someone maybe friends or family put up this memorial to him
in the middle of Rye Patch, Nevada.

It's a nice heavy duty memorial made from railroad track steel.

He must of been a pretty decent guy and a prospector judging
from the digger with magnet.

Just thought I'd share this, maybe someone can fill me in on
the rest of the story.

Update on Jim Williams

Hi Bill and Linda

Someone sent me a link to your site where I found the pics of Jims memorial. 
I just wanted to let you know that it was I who put that up a couple of years ago.

  I could write a small book on Jim and his exploits but here’s just a few things.

  He was my Mentor as well as many, many others.  He got me started detecting for gold and we became good friends
 and hunted together for many years.  He was the designer/field tester for the Whites Goldmaster 11.  He worked for
weeks with the engineers at Whites to get it started and then months afterwards perfecting it in the field. It was he and
 his partners who discovered that gold could be found with a detector in the old hydraulic diggings of California. 
They were the first to go into and hunt these forgotten places, and believe me, they found a LOT of gold!

He was generous to a fault with the places he found and sometimes people took advantage of that.
I could go on and on but there’s no time here.  I think of him every time I go out
 and know he’s with me in spirit.

Digger Bob

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