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Somewhere on Rich Hill

Do you see it?


I'd like to know more about Don Rodina.



New Update on Don Rodina


The first e-mail from Audie (son in law)


The reason I am writing you is that web-surfing brought to our attention one page of

your Bill & Linda Prospecting website, the one called "Somewhere on Rich Hill".

You see, Jenny is Don Rodina's daughter, and after Dons death, she and her siblings

placed his ashes and that plaque on the site where you discovered it.

It is a lovely place to spend eternity, don't you agree?

Audie & Jenny



Then an e-mail from Dan Rodina......(son)


Hello Bill/Linda

Don Rodina was my father. Gold prospecting was his passion in life. He often went to

Rich Hill to persue that passion.



Then a e-mail from Don's wife Deanna.


Bill and Linda

I want to thank you for the pics of Rich Hill and Don Rodina's memory plaque.

Don passed away in 2000 at the age of 60. To young for many good years of prospecting

that should of been left for him. His life was prospecting and gold anywhere, Rich Hill, Black Hills,

California and Alaska. I am his wife and he left behind 2 boys, and a daughter. His sons Marc and

Becci, Dan and Tilly and Jenny, who live in Alaska. I was only married to him for 2 1/2 years, but

they turned out to be the best years of my life. My family enjoyed and miss him also. He was from

Jackson Minn. and we lived in Taunton Minnesota at the time of his death.

I will send you a story he wrote about Rich Hill if you send me your address.

Thank  you.


The letter I received from Deanna....


Bill enclosed is the article Don wrote about Rich Hill.  He had a unique talent besides

finding gold.  He also wrote an article about "Mining in the Klondike" published in

2001 Jan/Feb issue of the Gold Prospector Magazine.


Deanna enclosed a photo of everyone at the plaque on Rich Hill, see below.


Then an e-mail from Jenny.....(daughter)


Hello Bill and Linda,

I understand you have been getting swamped with emails from Rodinas after my brother Dan

 discovered the photos of my father's Rich Hill plaque on your website! And even from a

non-Rodina...my husband Audie here in Alaska.

So I thought I would add to the deluge.. :)

I can't tell you how nice it was to see this page on your site. First of all, it's been a number of years

 since I've been to Rich Hill and seen the plaque so it was nice to see the pictures of the beautiful

 blue skies and gorgeous hillsides where the plaque resides. Also, it was very VERY nice to realize

 that people like yourselves wandering around this area stumble upon the plaque and wonder...

who was this guy? I'm sure you're not the first and won't be the last.

Obviously our Dad loved Rich Hill. This was one of his favorite places on Earth and a place

 he returned to year after year. Don was a farmer on our third-generation farm in southern

 Minnesota, but he had always wanted to be a geologist and he loved gold prospecting and

 rock-hounding. So instead of sitting around a cold farmhouse in the winters he traveled to

 Arizona every year (dragging us kids along too!), spent many years down in the Arivaca

 region and then transfered his passions to the Stanton area. I believe he was GPAA, yet over

  the years he did have a number of his own claims. Dad did everything: panning, detecting,

 drywashing, hydro-sluicing. He also spent a number of summers working ground in California,

 here in Alaska and in the Yukon...he had that Klondike dream! :)

Thanks again for that nice post on your site.

Happy Trails!


Thank you for sharing Don's story with us.

Bill and Linda


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