Jack Beebe


Copper Nugget Man

I first ran into Jack Beebe in 2008 in northern Nevada.
He was working the road system of Rye Patch
finding gold nuggets.

I soon realized he is famous for nuggets other than gold.
Here he's showing me a couple of large ones. (copper)

He mostly hunts the copper in upstate Michigan, here he and
 Martha just dug up a large one.

Sometimes they're so large you need to hoist them up and out.

More copper nuggets, he has big and small and they're for sale.
I've purchased a few from him for the Gold Gal to use
in her jewelry designs.

Here in Nevada he hunts gold.

These he just found in Rye Patch.

Others from recent hunts, note the one silver nugget.

So if you're ever out in the goldfields and run into Jack, stop
and say hi. He enjoys the company and may even sell
you a few nuggets. Copper of course.

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