Prospecting California

First you need a good set of wheels, here John Bowles has that covered

with his trusty CJ-5.

John has got a good case of gold fever, but hey when your getting

 gold why not?  What a beautiful area to prospect!

He can build anything he sets his mind to. Take a look at this nice

recirculating rocker he built.

Then when its too hot and the waters low up at the claim he then moves

down to the beach to mine. Here's his beach box operation.

The short time he does have water he makes the most of it.

Then there's always metal detecting if all other avenues don't pan out.

He also just finished one of my medium sized battery trommels and is

going to be testing it on his claim soon.

 I think John may hold the time record for building one of my trommels.

He built it fast! I like the lizard logo you put on your equipment too.

I like the trommel level and sluice quick release he came up with.

Trommel getting tested on Johns claim.

Here he's testing it with a 100 gallons of water he hauled in.

That may be the first solar powered trommel.

And how does he get the water to the location?

With his new water cart of course, I like those big wheels.

Good friends and good times!

Your trommel looks great John  and we wish

 you the best of luck prospecting!


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