Mac and Jan


Mac and Jan's diggings on the GSSN claims in Meadview, AZ.

They left the Colorado high country to spend the winter in

a warmer climate and get a little gold. Notice the solar

panel keeping the battery charged.

Their puppy Lacey resting in the shade in Mac's diggings.

(Our doggy kids are always puppies)

They're running a Keene 141 drywasher, a 12 volt puffer.

Mac digs and Jan's keeps the machine working material.

No snow here, just sunshine and clean air.

Clean up time for one short run just to show me.

Two or three pickers and some fines to show for their work.

It all adds up after a few clean ups.

 The gold they're getting is coarse both fine and pickers.

Jan shows some of the gold they have found.

Beautiful Arizona gold, coarse and chunky, meaning it hasn't traveled

 far from the source.

One larger piece Jan metal detected with her Minelab SD2100.

The best gold though may be their friends visiting them in the great

 AZ outdoors, the memories will last forever.


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