Lost Basin


Meadview Mel

Whatever you call him he's a nice guy always driving around and
 checking on prospectors.  I never fail to see him when I visit the
 Lost Basin an area near Meadview AZ where the King Tutt
 placers are located.

Mel uses an interesting little drywasher of his design a puffer.
I'd call it a piston puffer because it has no bellows duct cloth or
fabric to squeeze the air but a board piston in a wood chamber.

It uses a galvanized steel hopper and is easily assembled.

The small 12 volt motor simply clamps on the frame.

Mel likes working a couple areas that have red dirt and have been
very productive for him. 

The material just puffs right on through. He uses a higher speed
system than I've seen but he says it works great. Note the pulley
and belt running a little loose that prevents a lot of current draw
from the battery. He uses electrical cords but they are attached
to his truck battery.

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