Mike Belza an Army of One

 If you ever wander out to the south end of the Y-Not claim near Stanton, AZ you may run
into LDMA member, retired Army vet, Mike Belza.  He will likely be processing material
 with his Gold Buddy drywasher.

He's been working this pile of material for a while now. (he thinks it came from Rich Hill)
 Note how he double screens his material to 1/2 and 1/4 minus to help in separating the gold.

 Those rock piles and hill excavation behind Mike are all his work. He said he moves three
groups of 12 buckets a day. Then he heads back to camp to run his concentrates. That's
36 five gallon buckets of material a day, and they are full. Mike is quite the workhorse to
 watch no bad backs here, my back started hurting just watching him. :-)

Here he is showing off some of his take from that pile he's been working on. He says it's
one of the richest claims he's found so far and plans to work it all the way down.

Here's a close-up of some of that nice AZ gold,  it's still out there for the taking folks.
One trick Mike taught me was how to determine if a wash has gold without working
 it.   He goes out and finds a likely wash and plants a sluice box in it and waits for the
   next rain storm. Then after the storm he retrieves it and checks it for gold back in camp.
    With all the rain we got on this trip I got to witness this process and boy was I impressed.
     One flake of gold he got was as large as a corn flake from a secret wash he plans to work
    next. Great guy, very nice and full of helpful suggestions on where/how to find gold. So
    if you ever venture out to the AZ desert and run into this guy wearing an Army T-shirt
     working a Gold Buddy DW say hi to Mike, an Army of One. You'll be glad you did......
  and thanks Mike for showing me that secret wash.