Miller Canyon, Utah

The entrance to Miller Canyon has a nice rest area with rest rooms and tables
with overhead shelters.

Beautiful country with lots of mining history. Notch Peak and Amasa Valley
are just over the hill.

Old tungsten mine at the head of the canyon with head frame still intact.

One of many tunnels.

About 5 miles into the canyon there's a couple more nice camping spots.

At the head of the canyon there was running water and some evidence of previous
dredging or high banking. Here I set up Coco's awning for sun protection, it
was May but still hot up here.

We detected for a couple days, dug much trash but no nuggets so we switched to
sluicing. Here I set up my small Keene sluice and ran some buckets of
dirt from around the corner where there had been activity.

We got more that I expected, I'd like to bring in my trommel next time.

More mining activity in this red rock area. We got gold and had a great time.
Lots of ATV friendly trails, well marked for trail number and difficulty.
Met some nice ranchers that run cattle in the canyon, and even
other prospectors from Delta, over all a great trip!

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