Minelab Battery Replacement

Jameco Electronics
Part Number - 317024
(6 volt lead acid 12 amp hour)

The Minelab metal detectors use a lot of power, they provide a
6 volt, 12 amp hour lead acid battery. The battery will normally
last all day or 8-10 hours of use. After a couple years they do
start to lose some capacity, especially if used with the
direct  AC charger. It is a dumb charger and can
bake your battery to death.

So here's how I install a new one for about $16.00 and regain full
amp hour capacity again. I use a hair dryer to heat up the black
dome top and then pull it off the battery.

The black dome is hot glued on and comes off easily.

Here's a close up of what your going to see with it off. The left or
red is the positive and has a thermal switch in series with it. This
is to protect the battery from overheating and blowing up using
a dumb charger. It is hot glued down to the top
of the battery.

Trim off the heat shrink on each wire and then use a solder
iron to remove the wires from the battery post.

Remember how they attach !!!

Red or Positive to Thermal Switch wire.

Here it is separated from old battery.

Now solder the wires to the new battery. You can use heat
shrink or use tape to cover the lugs when done.

Now we need to reattach the thermal switch to the top of the
new battery. Here I sanded the top where the switch will
glue down. I then hot glued it and the dome
top on the battery.

Now it's done and ready for a fresh charge from your car charger.
Most users in the know never use the AC charger as that's
the fastest way we know to ruin your battery.  Using the
AC charger and forgetting to unplug it when the
battery gets warm will reduce its capacity.
The car charger is a smart charger.

Happy Hunting!

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