Minelab GP Button Update

(a fixed /auto switch on the handle)

On a recent trip to Nevada the ground was wet and very
 noisy for detecting. We had to run DD coils for a while
and reground balance often, very often. After a few days
the ground dried out and we could switch to Mono coils
 but still had to ground balance a lot.

I found that holding down my button for extended
periods to ground balance was no fun. I decided
that I would upgrade the button to a click on click
off type when I returned home. Also it makes for a
easy way to flip into auto and stay there if I want.

So I installed the above switch when I returned home. Now
I think I have the ultimate ground balancing button arrangement.
It's easy to ground balance in auto position or switch back to fixed.
So how do you know which position your in there's two ways to tell.
One: simply pump the coil up and down and if you hear it balancing
 its in auto. Two: the switch has a different amount of give if you
 press it slightly between on and off. One is firm the other gives
a small amount before you feel it engage.

I'm a happy beeper now!

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