My new Miracle Mat Highbanker


It's finished and works great in the yard!

In field update.

It also worked great at the claims. I had to pump water up 15 feet and over 20 feet from

the river. This was done with my 12 volt Rule 3200 water pump. My Rule 2000 would

pump up and horizonal but not this much. I think at or near the same level of the

river a Rule 1500 or even 1200 gph pump would be ok. Going up hill with the

flow takes more power and more battery current.

(The mat worked very well, great job Keene Eng)

It folds up compactly for transportation.

And speaking of transportation that started another project.

One project seems to lead right to another in this hobby.

The Miracle Mat Highbanker and this project was inspired by my friend John, he has

one great idea after another.

This was one of his rigs he uses on the California coast.

A beach box with built in easy transportation.

Hauling those heavy batteries (this one is 60lbs) to the river or beach isn't fun.

I don't intend to use such a large battery but I'm testing my cart here.

This is my cart from the above steel tubing I welded together.

This should make hauling stuff down to the creek or river easier now.

With the battery over the axle it is well balanced and easy.

Still lots of room for pump and hose and shovels.

Thanks John for sharing your ideas!


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