Modern Day Prospecting

John, a friend of mine, in CA on the way to his claim.

Drywasher and other gold getting tools in his house trailer.

Nice tree house he has above all the scary things that come out at night.

Solar power, lounge chair, panning tub, man o man.

The old timers never had it this good.

Gold Gal says it's nice and tidy.

Speaking of never having it this good

Another of John's inventions not for gold getting but,

for fueling the gold getter, I'm hungry now.

John's trailer mounted trommel.

Side discharge and plenty of riffles.

Everything in one place ready to go.

Electric motor powered, belt driven and built by a gold miner.

Back at home to run his fine concentrates he uses.....

A slate chalk board from a old school becomes a fine gold recovery device.

It works very well as you can see.

This is one of the places where his gold comes from.

Nice to be able to camp close and keep and eye on your equipment too.

John we wish you the best!

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