Mohave Green Rattlesnake Story


True Story by Bill and Coco

I've been going to the AZ gold fields now for about 13 years. Many times people

have said that the Mohave Green Rattlesnakes are aggressive and will chase you.

Well, I've seen many over the years and none were aggressive and would head for

the nearest bush if given the chance. My last trip to Gold Basin, a couple weeks ago,

I came upon one lying across the road. It was directly in front of my truck so I stopped

to check it out. It was lying straight out, sunning I guess. I walked up about 8 ft from

it and was just looking, suddenly it went into the strike coil like above. Then after a

couple seconds it dropped and  came after me. I was backing up and quickly made a

 turn to the left, it turned and kept coming. I grabbed a rock and hit it in the middle

and saw I had damaged it. The snake turned and headed straight for my truck, went

 under it, climbed up into and above the front passenger side tire. I thought "CRAP"

now what am I going to do? I've got a pissed off MG in my truck now! This truck

had a camper on the back too and mice had been a problem in behind the walls.

Now if mice can get in the camper!!!!

Well I set up a lawn chair and waited, waited and waited,

no MG to be seen. Finally I had to go on as I was still a mile away from my camp.

I never saw the MG again and there was no good sleep that week, I kept thinking

about something slithering across me in bed.

Glad the Gold Gal wasn't on this trip!

Got Coco and I home with no snake bites and everyone now wants to know if the MG

may still be under there. I don't know, Linda won't get on a creeper

and check it out for me.

True Story


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