Some aren't worth saving,
Crush E'm

This started as a large specimen I found in Lost Basin, AZ.
 It screamed when I got the coil over it. A large shallow
 nugget, they're still out there!

It was always kind of ugly and not a lot of gold showing. Here I
cut off half of the quartz on Linda's rock saw.

I decided to sacrifice it to do a specific gravity test on a real nugget.
Here I weighed the specimen and it came to 25.1 pennyweight.

Next I got the displaced water weight of 8.3 pennyweight suspended
from a string not touching anywhere.

Then using my formula for specific gravity

Weight of gold   is equal to     ( dry weight   x  1.16 )  minus  ( wet weight  x  3.07 )

dry weight 25.1  x  1.16  =  29.116  pennyweight

wet weight   8.3  x  3.07  =  25.481 pennyweight

29.116  minus 25.481  equals  3.635 pennyweight of gold in specimen

So let's find out for sure.

I got out my mortar and pedestal and crushed it to smithereens.

This is what it looks like all crushed up, notice the two large
nuggets that emerged.

Next I panned it out in water and here's the gold.

Last thing to do is weigh it real time and see how much gold I got.
There's a little quartz dust in the mix but it still weighed in at
3.9 pennyweight not far off I'd say from the
calculated 3.65 pennyweight.

It works!

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