Nevada 2010 Prospecting


They say all the nuggets are gone, um huh!

Don't believe everything you hear.

Coco even knows better than that.

She sees a lot of em come out of the ground.


She's always watching me no matter where I go.



Camp Coco in the high desert.

On the other hand, there's more than just gold hunting to enjoy.

These little critters were all over this year.

Mark and Chuck were working their claim.

Jack Beebe working the ground with a storm approching.

Jack is known as the copper nugget man, some

of Jacks copper nuggets.

My new friend Norm from Quincy California giving his GPX4000 a

desert workout. He is looking for his first Nevada nugget.

Norm and Heather are on the return leg of a two month Alaskan

trip / adventure of a lifetime. Norm has found some beautiful

California gold!

Detected a couple days with my friend Smokey Baird. Here he's

looking to pull another out of an old patch. Smokey is a hell of

a hunter with many gold nuggets under his belt.

Smokey and Buster are always in the hills

 somewhere finding nuggets.

Peg Leg John and some of his crystal collection.

Spent a few days in the Eugene Mountains in the area of

the Eagle Tree. Sometimes known as the Bikini Tree.


Montana Jim looking for his share.

My partner Ed Potter finds his first Minelab nugget with his

new GP3000 and 14 inch Nugget Finder coil. Ed is a very

successful South America / California dredger - miner

 turned beeper now.

Ed working on finding another nugget.

Happy times when your out in the great outdoors with good

health, good equipment and finding good gold.

Mark Womble searching for another nugget

to add to his poke and finds it. What's your secret Mark?

I'm looking forward to that steak and baked potato.



 A monument to a local miner Ed Speir.

If you've ever spent much time in the Majuba area you've see this.

1919 to 1997 Ed Speir.

Ed mined in the Rye Patch area for many years and had

huge chunks of land claimed up. His family now has the

claims, I think section 20 and 30. His grandson is

trying  to take up where Ed left off and mine again.


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