Nevada Prospecting with Ralph

One of my favorite places to prospect.

This summer Ralph and I did some detecting in Nevada.
  Here you will find wide open spaces with lots of mining
 evidence everywhere.  That shelter or awning on the front
of my ATV was for
Coco, as it was hot. She's been riding
 with me since a pup. The front of that ATV  is like her
 second home and she wouldn't have it
any other way.

Here's some of that mining evidence, old test holes and lots of
drywash tailing piles everywhere. They had to be getting
 something good to have done all that work.  Places like
 this are a good bet for finding a few nuggets.

This is some good looking ground with all that quartz
 and exposed red dirt.

There's lots of places for nuggets to hide out there, but every
now and then you stumble into a nugget producing area.
 It's like fishing you never know what your
 going to get with each cast.

That's what makes it fun and exciting. By putting yourself
in a known gold producing area with some nugget patches,
you keep going. You just know that next bite could be
the big one.

Ralph is a highly experienced hunter with an eye for finding
good places to hunt gold.

In no time he came up with these nuggets. He uses a Minelab
GP4000 and a
nugget finder coil. He gets it down on and
scrubs the ground using a

Not bad for a few hours work, they didn't get it all folks.
You probably won't get rich at this but it's certainly
thrill when you pull out a new never
  before seen nugget.

Coco and I even found a few nice nuggets.  Here I'm
using an older Minelab GP 3000 with my first prototype
 swingarm.  I used some duct tape to connect it to the
 lower shaft and it worked.  Swingarms help to move
 that large
Coiltek coil  back and forth mowing
down the tall grass doing it.  Lower and
one trick to finding nuggets.
good detector doesn't
 hurt either.

Great therapy too!

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