Nugget Halo's

What is a halo?

I've just returned from a  detecting / prospecting trip to AZ  again.  On  several
occasions  I'd get a good signal in the ground and would be sure it was gold.
Then as I dug a couple inches down it got louder and louder, then suddenly
it would disappear or almost disappear and become hard to find.

(Halo Broken)

I don't use magnets on my diggers any more so it wasn't iron jumping on a magnet
and leaving the dirt. I'd chase it around a little with my 16 inch mono coil and then
 give up. My thought was if its that small I'd just leave it for the gold bugs or other
 VLF machines that are good a locating small gold.

(Really I was too lazy to mount my small coil on the minelab ;-)

 Well this happened many times this trip but on three
 of those occasions I had friends nearby with smaller coils a swinging. I called
 them over and told them there's a good target somewhere in that small dirt pile
and check it out. Well one friend found two small nuggets and another friend
  found another in a different dirt pile I'd given up on. So be sure and check all
 scrapes you run across or just follow around the guy with the
 Minelab swinging one of those big coils.

You'll do pretty good I'm sure.

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