Nugget Hunter Rod

After cleaning up most of the meteorites in Gold Basin
Rod's now working on the gold in Lost Basin.

When I first met Rod he was big into hunting Gold Basin
meteorites, if a nugget got in the way it was his too.

Now he seems to hunt Lost Basin more, partly because its
close to the RV Park and there's gold there.

Not a bad day when you get a 1+ ouncer !

Not a bush goes unchecked when Rod is in the area.

Even right out in the open he finds what he's looking for.
This was a 3-4 ouncer down about 20 inches.

What a beautiful nugget!

Now he's thinking about moving to Meadview AZ so he
can hunt every day.

Rod's lost interest in meteorites now.

I wonder why?

Thanks Rod for the photos and good luck prospecting.

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